Large Transfer picture…The Almost Disaster Craft Project

Our bedroom has been in serious need of a makeover for awhile, it is the most neglected room in the house; overrun with laundry, children’s toys, papers and other junk. I resolved to change that this year. I started with new bedding, a chair cover, and a new headboard- all of which made a world of difference, but the walls were still bare. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and then I remembered this great  project a friend of mine did. It was perfect! She made it look so easy, as it turns out…she is a liar. Just kidding. But she is obviously way more talented and craft savvy then I am.

I started with this picture


Cute right?

Then off to Staples I went. I asked them to blow this picture up to an engineer size. They do it in black and white for super cheap…for like $2 or something like that. Only I was told that if I want that cheap price I needed to bring the picture in on a digital copy, otherwise it is around $5-6. (sorry my memory is fuzzy) Only I pouted a little and the nice lady said she would let me off the hook this time.

Hobby Lobby was next on my list for the Gel Medium. Since I didn’t take note of what kind to buy- I just grabbed one. This might have been where I went wrong. {who knows}

I also grabbed a large canvas.


I will let you read the step by step directions from here, or here.  They will do a much better job explaining the process, and even sound happy about it ; )

But basically I spent hours. Yes hours, people. Rubbing. Spraying. Rubbing. More spraying and rubbing. I even got Steven in on the action. And although I am pleased with the final project and I LOVE the way it looks above our bed, I will probably never attempt it again, at least not on this scale.

I love the old time, rough around the edges, distressed look, but I had a hard time controlling where the paper was coming off- which is one of the reasons that made this project stressful. I ended up with a big line right down my face, but even with that, I still love it.

So here is the final project in all it’s glory.

transfer picture1

And here is what it looks like above our bed. I want to do some smaller squared black and white pictures of us next to it- something fun,  but that’s another project for another day! 




I’m sharing this with Mom On Time Out