Redefining my road

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It is definitely what has defined me here and in life as of late.

I have purposely cut out most of all the “extras” in my life over the last several months. I have said no… a lot. That is not like me. I was finding myself stuck, stuck in a revolving door of busyness and commitments that I didn’t have a passion for. Weary. Tired of placing unnecessary pressure on myself and my family to get something done, to be somewhere or to fend for themselves because mommy has GOT to do “this”.

You see, I’m dependable. I know that once I say yes to something I’m going to die trying to keep that commitment…at all cost. (Remember my top 10?)

Oh, but I’m also not that organized so before I got my new fancy smart phone (yea!) my calendar commitments would be posted everywhere or umm nowhere?

So you can imagine what kind of nightmare this posed for a dependable unorganized gal like me.

Sometimes we just need time to refocus and get ourselves together. I had to redefine what’s important to me and make sure all the activities that I’m involved take me down that road.

Refocus. Renew. It’s freeing really. Because now I can say no without the guilt, and when I say yes- I really mean it!

Keeping up with this blog is hard work.

I’m not a natural writer; the thoughts in my heart don’t effortlessly transpose themselves into beautiful language that captures your attention. Sometimes my life just isn’t interesting enough to share, and sometimes life is just too busy to check in.

But it is a hobby I enjoy. So I guess I’ll keep it around for now 😉 and hopefully you will forgive my lack of consistency while I try to maintain a balance.


New Beginnings

repost from April 2011


Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.  ~Virgil A. Kraft


Spring always brings renewal. In nature as well as in me. This is the time of year that I am reminded that all things are possible. I am thankful that God gives us this season as a reminder that we are never stuck where we are, we can always start new. I don’t know about you- but I need a daily dose of “do over”-  my very existence as a wife and mother hinges on the fact that I know- tomorrow is another day. So as I mother and educate my children, tend to my husband, de-clutter and clean my home, I am thoughtful…What am I going to do with the day God gave me today?

Live it!

And remember when I don’t live it well…tomorrow is indeed a another day.

In my life


In my life this week…

Do things ever slow down? Church, school, sports, dance, meetings, friends, playgroups, housework…I’m thankful that summer is approaching, I love when things slow down.


In our homeschool this week…

We are learning about South America- specifically Brazil and the rainforest. The kiddos have been researching rainforest animals and we made masks after watching a video on the Brazilian Carnival.



Helpful homeschooling tip to share…

Don’t give up. This is about the time of year where we begin to get weary, hang in there. The finish line is near!


My Favorite thing this week…

Camping. I love getting away with our family and friends. It’s a whole weekend of no technology, friends and food.

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I’m reading…

The Fine Line

I rarely have time to delve into a fiction book, but this one had me captivated from the get go. Few books can inspire me and challenge me to question what I believe at the same time. Could I love a prisoner without judgment, with pure Christ like abandonment? … This book carried me deep into the heart of a Mexican prison where I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the characters, where I was reminded that God’s love shows no partiality.


Things I’m working on…

I’m writing a K-1 curriculum for next year. It’s something I have had on my mind for awhile but with Olivia entering kindergarten next year I have been more motivated.

I am also considering the Paleo diet. Checking out menu plans, and recipes. I don’t know if I could go at it 100% but I think it’s something I might think about.

Trying to keep up with this blog. Ugh, such good intentions, so little time.

Learning more about Essential Oils. I bought a kit from Young Living last year and have found so many uses for them, but I feel like there is so much more to know.


I’m grateful for

A God who is living and active in my life. He continues to speak to me through his word and others.


I’m praying for

Our country, our world.


A verse to share…

This one has been close to my heart this week.

The Lord your God will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your descendants, so that you may love him with all your heart and with all your soul, and live.  Deuteronomy 30:6



Homeschool Mother’s Journal

homeschool Mothers Journal

In my life this week…

I have been busy with distractions. I feel like I am dreamily moving from one thing to another without actually accomplishing much. I have been overwhelmed with small tasks that just can’t ever seem to get done. We finally got Christmas put away but I have yet to fill all those spots that the Christmas decorations had taken up. Actually as a matter a fact those spots have now been taken up by toys. {sigh} Toys. Toys. Everywhere. Oh, and junk. You know the kind that sneaks in behind your back and slowly takes up residence, and before you know it you actually forget that it doesn’t belong there.



I know. I should be embarrassed. But this is the real me. The me that you get if you just show up at my door un-announced.

I also started a new part-time job that I just knew I would love and I’m sure I will, but it turns out it’s work. Who would have thought? Winking smile I came home one night feeling like I ran a marathon!


In our homeschool this week…

I have been so discouraged. You know the crawl up in your favorite chair and want to cry kind of discouraged. It has been a battle the whole week with all of our school work. I really began to doubt our decision to homeschool. I did manage to pull it together by today and realize that I just need to take a fresh look at what we are doing and what’s not working. I’m going to spend some time on that this weekend. Today we spent part of our school time doing fun file folder games. I really just needed to end the week on a good note.



Helpful homeschooling tips to share…

Being prideful isn’t helpful. Sometimes the problem is not always my children. Sometimes it’s me. They are often true reflections of me and my heart. {scary}


My favorite thing this week…

We took our oldest to the Titanic exhibit at our Science Museum. She has recently been fascinated by the story. We had a great time getting to look at all the artifacts. I’m thankful we live in an area that has so many of these great opportunities.




Things I’m working on…

Lesson Planning and preparation. I want to be more prepared for my children with their schooling. Some days we just wing it and do too much workbook stuff. It’s part of the reason why we have had some rough days. They love the days when we have games and projects to work on. It really isn’t too hard to make games out things we are studying.

I’m also doing some freezer cooking planning. It’s been a while and I miss have a stockpile of things to choose from on those nights when life gets too busy for me to cook.


Places we’re going and people we are seeing

Sadly, today we are attending the funeral of the mother of a sweet friend of ours. Our hearts are broken for their family and we are praying God’s peace and comfort for them all.


I’m grateful for…

My husband. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is so helpful and is so wonderful at giving me a “break” in the evenings when I need it. (I have needed it a lot this week)

The many, many people who have blessed our lives this past year in so many ways. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I’m thankful that God uses them to bless us.


Something Funny…


A renewed focus

woman on computer

A few times every year I go MIA on this blog. It’s not always intentional, I usually just end up too busy to post or completely unmotivated with nothing interesting or helpful to share. Sorry, I guess I’m noncommittal. 😉 Although I wasn’t counting on taking this long of a break, I did stop posting with a little bit of intentionality. I realized that I was spending too much time online. My family was starting to notice and comment. It’s just so easy to jump on the computer for a quick minute and realize an hour later that I’m still on it and dinner is yet to be started.  I also realized that while I was on the computer I was allowing our children to watch more t.v., play more video games, and do things that I wouldn’t normally allow them to do otherwise- all for the sake of some "alone time." I don’t want to be that mom. I don’t want my children’s memories of me to always include a computer or some other electronic device. It was time for a break. I enjoyed a renewed focus and the holidays were a great time to step back.

But I have missed my blog. It’s a little piece of my life, an extension of me, a hobby, my creative outlet. I hope to return to it a few times each week. I want to catch back up with a few of you that I have missed, and share all the great recipes we have tried, and the craft projects that have kept me busy as well as give you a peak into our schooling.

I’m looking forward to what 2013 will bring with this blog and in “real life”

Just a few thoughts…


In my life this week…

Busy. The beginning of the school year is always that way. All school activities start up again along with dance classes, soccer practices, meetings and appointments. {sigh} I feel like I spent the better part of this week in the car.


In our homeschool this week…

I am loving My Father’s World. I wasn’t sure I could commit to a curriculum but as it turns out not only have I been committed to it, but I have really enjoyed our days. The pressure is off of trying to piece together my own curriculum and I have the freedom to expand the lessons and add in extra fun activities. Why didn’t I do this sooner?  Our school days have been productive and lacking in tears…which is always nice.

I am inspired by…

Our church is going through the 40 Days In The Word  bible study., I am being challenged to go back to the basics. Sometimes that’s what we all need to do.

What’s not working?…

Organization. I feel like I have lost all control of any organization in this house. I can’t keep up with the cleaning or the meal planning.

Questions/thoughts I have…

If only I could suspend time for half a day…imagine what I could get done. Clean house, school plan, coupon clip, menu plan, grocery shop…and nap. Ok. Maybe I would need a whole day- or two.

Things I’m working on…

I have no projects started, except for my to do list in my head. Honestly I really need to clean house. I can only manage to stay on top of a few rooms, but it’s beginning to look a little scary in other places. Please promise me that if you stop by you will only go as far as the living room Winking smile 

I’m reading…

I am still reading One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are  I only have a few chunks of time here and there so it’s slow going but if you haven’t read it yet- and you want/need to have more joy in your life…you should run to your nearest book store and grab it. There is so much good stuff in Ann Voskamp’s book that I could literally underline every page.

I’m cooking…

Despite my Pinterest board with great looking recipes I have pinned, I have been completely uninspired in the kitchen as of late. I do have a great big crockpot full of beans right now waiting to be turned into been and cheese burritos for the kids lunches, but we are seriously lacking in the meal planning department. I’m planning to do some freezer cooking here soon to help out with those rushed week  night meals.

I’m grateful for…

Wow! Where to start? I have too much to even list. Seriously I am so blessed in my life. I have wonderful family and friends, a more than wonderful husband, sweet children, a great church, a lovely home…so much more than I deserve.

A photo to share…



Giving Thanks Beyond the Mommy Meltdown


The morning started off well. I woke up, sat down with my cup of coffee and enjoyed a leisurely time with the Lord, underestimating  as I often do how much time it takes me to get all the children ready and out the door. I had waited until thirty minutes before we were due to leave, for an art day we had planned, to get the kids ready. And although my children were really excited, it wasn’t motivating enough to get them moving at my speed.  I began running around yelling like a maniacal drill Sgt. as if my lack of planning  was really my children’s fault.

The morning started to quickly lose it’s luster.

In the madness of it all I realized quickly that I  was out of baby food, had placed the last diaper on the baby and nobody could locate the paints and other supplies we were suppose to be taking with us.

We eventually did find the art supplies.

We were forced to take a detour to the “Mart” on the way to our outing. I couldn’t really go somewhere without one. single. diaper.  Seriously, where did all the diapers go?

Oh, how I dislike being late.

We pull up to the “Mart” I turn back into drill Sgt. mommy and explain our enter/exit strategy. I reach for my wallet only to find…yep. no wallet.

Pressing deep into my chair, I breath in and out. I want to cry. I want to melt right there and turn into a two year old. But I don’t. I settle on the fact that I have two choices. Go home for the wallet and miss the art day, or journey on into the unknown (the unknown being what will happen if I really needed a diaper, if you know what I mean) My children’s sad faces drove us into the unknown.

It was at that moment, driving out of the parking lot that I made the choice.

The choice to give thanks.

I began to silently give thanks in my heart, to surrender the moment and be thankful.


*Thankful that although I was out of food, I am a nursing mother- my body will provide all the nourishment my baby needs when the time comes.

*Thankful that although I didn’t have my wallet, I knew where it was.

*Thankful that although I was out of diapers It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford them.

*Thankful for forgiving children who know that my good days outweigh my bad ones.


It took just a moment, but it changed the day. It changed me.


What do you have to be thankful for today?