Large Transfer picture…The Almost Disaster Craft Project

Our bedroom has been in serious need of a makeover for awhile, it is the most neglected room in the house; overrun with laundry, children’s toys, papers and other junk. I resolved to change that this year. I started with new bedding, a chair cover, and a new headboard- all of which made a world of difference, but the walls were still bare. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and then I remembered this great  project a friend of mine did. It was perfect! She made it look so easy, as it turns out…she is a liar. Just kidding. But she is obviously way more talented and craft savvy then I am.

I started with this picture


Cute right?

Then off to Staples I went. I asked them to blow this picture up to an engineer size. They do it in black and white for super cheap…for like $2 or something like that. Only I was told that if I want that cheap price I needed to bring the picture in on a digital copy, otherwise it is around $5-6. (sorry my memory is fuzzy) Only I pouted a little and the nice lady said she would let me off the hook this time.

Hobby Lobby was next on my list for the Gel Medium. Since I didn’t take note of what kind to buy- I just grabbed one. This might have been where I went wrong. {who knows}

I also grabbed a large canvas.


I will let you read the step by step directions from here, or here.  They will do a much better job explaining the process, and even sound happy about it ; )

But basically I spent hours. Yes hours, people. Rubbing. Spraying. Rubbing. More spraying and rubbing. I even got Steven in on the action. And although I am pleased with the final project and I LOVE the way it looks above our bed, I will probably never attempt it again, at least not on this scale.

I love the old time, rough around the edges, distressed look, but I had a hard time controlling where the paper was coming off- which is one of the reasons that made this project stressful. I ended up with a big line right down my face, but even with that, I still love it.

So here is the final project in all it’s glory.

transfer picture1

And here is what it looks like above our bed. I want to do some smaller squared black and white pictures of us next to it- something fun,  but that’s another project for another day! 




I’m sharing this with Mom On Time Out


Fall Decorating in our home

There ought to be a way to combine “autumn” and “morning” into one word, the combination of the two is special enough to be its own entity.

~Terri Guillemets

Fall is by far one of my favorite seasons. After the heat of summer the cooler weather is a welcome friend. Here in North Texas we have to snatch a hold of Fall the moment he stops by and then wrestle him to the ground before he decides to let Winter take it’s turn with us.

Recently we had one of those cooler weather days and it was enough to put me in a “Fall” sort of mood. Sadly he was just mocking me because he quickly vanished to {what I can only assume is a more suitable climate} while leaving us here to continue to entertain Summer.  I do fear that he might not return. And just in case he is a no-show, much like last year, I plan to keep my curtains closed, ac turned down low, and my fall candles burning- that way I can continue to pretend that all is right in the world.

Here is a peak into Fall at our home

fall wreath

fireplace mantel

fall collage1

bowl of acorns

fall table

Did I mention that my home feels all nice and cozy. {Despite the fact that it is still 90 some degrees outside}

Zoe shared that she thinks that it smells just like it looks. I love that.


What puts you in a “Fall kind of mood? ”

DIY Candle Holder and a side of friendship

When I tell you that I am blessed to have several close wonderful friends in my life- I absolutely mean it. I don’t know what I would do without them! They fill my life with all good things.


Sara is one of those friends, one of the ones I talked about in this post. She is friendship wrapped in comfort . She also has a great sense of style and loves DIY projects. You can get a glimpse of her lovely home here.  I on the other hand can be design challenged.

So naturally when she comes to visit- I put her to work.

I had this old plant stand that I picked up off the side of the road a year ago. I had been planning on painting it white and doing {who knows what} with it, but Sara had a better idea.

sara candlestick

She grabbed a paint brush and mixed two paints that were just sitting around in our garage and wa-la !

candle stand

We slightly distressed it and it turned out great. It now sits cozily next to a bookshelf in our living room. 

This little makeover probably took a total of 15 minutes- not counting dry time.

And not that I’m bragging or anything but it sure beats the price tag on this little beauty…

pottery barn pillar holder

The $239.00 pottery barn pillar holder



I am sharing my little project with Mom on Time out , An Original Belle, and A wise woman builds her home

DIY Glass Art, a Memo Board and some Pinterest Love

Today I’m showcasing some of the other crafts that were done at craft night by one of my gal pals Rebekah.

wipe off board with burlap

This cute memo board was made by spray painting a picture frame white and placing a piece of burlap behind the glass. Love this! I can’t wait to make one of these for myself sometime soon. 

painted bowl

painted glass

This painted glass project turned out lovely! Other than having to do touch ups on it a few times it was a very easy project. Rebekah didn’t do nearly the amount of steps that are shown on the original site and regular craft store paint did the job. She found all those great glass pieces at Goodwill!

And on to the food….

coconut cream pie

This past week we made this delicious Coconut Cream Pie it’s not the traditional coconut cream pie which is great for me because I’m not that big of a fan of coconut. Since I haven’t been eating sugar I only took one bite, but it was delicious. We will definitely make it again.


mini chicken potpies

I served these mini potpies to the kiddos for lunch this week. They were quick and easy and I felt good about serving them something hot and filling for lunch.

And hey, although not professional by far…only the last picture is not my own Winking smile 

Has anyone else come across anything great on Pinterest?

A DIY Headband holder and some Pinterest Love

Oh, how I do love summer. {have I mentioned that before?} I can enjoy not being a slave to schedules and activities, I can sit around be productive in ways that I don’t have time to be during the school year. Surprisingly, although it has been hot, it hasn’t been nearly as miserable as last summer. Last year at this time we were working on beating the record for the most 100 degree consecutive days. I think we missed it by one or two!

All that to say I have been much more motivated to work on little projects here and there. I managed to clean out the girls room, and that was a PRO-JECT! I was determined to make it more efficient and give a place for every thing…and everything a place {I feel like saying that in a Mary Poppins voice, for some reason} It has long been out of control.

One of the projects I made at craft night was a head band holder to help control all those unruly hair accessories that were taking up space in their room. It’s working beautifully.

DIY headband holder

headband holder

All I needed was an empty oatmeal container, some cute fabric, and a glue gun. It took less than 10 minutes! I especially love that I can hide all those little pony tail holders inside.

And just to be sure I don’t neglect Pinterest, Here are a few things we have enjoyed of late.

cookie dough dip 

This is Cookie Dough Dip, and I swear it’s so addicting. It was brought to craft night and although I restrained myself, I think if I was left in a dark room alone, I would have licked the bowl clean.

no bake energy bites

I made these energy bites, and they too were really good, and very easy. They only took me about 5 minutes to throw together. I almost hate that I’m posting them though, because I changed up several of the ingredients, just to use what I had on hand, and Steven suggested adding crushed up pretzels, which I think made them even better.
And Last but not least…

Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza. We have been slacking in our Friday Night Pizza nights, so when we saw this pizza we knew we had to try it. If you love tacos, and pizza then it’s a winner. If you use a store bought pizza crust, and canned refried beans it will come together in a snap! Bonus: we usually have most of the ingredients on hand. It is easy and filling.

Again, the Pinterest pictures are not my own, which is clearly noticed by mere observation Winking smile