Redefining my road

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It is definitely what has defined me here and in life as of late.

I have purposely cut out most of all the “extras” in my life over the last several months. I have said no… a lot. That is not like me. I was finding myself stuck, stuck in a revolving door of busyness and commitments that I didn’t have a passion for. Weary. Tired of placing unnecessary pressure on myself and my family to get something done, to be somewhere or to fend for themselves because mommy has GOT to do “this”.

You see, I’m dependable. I know that once I say yes to something I’m going to die trying to keep that commitment…at all cost. (Remember my top 10?)

Oh, but I’m also not that organized so before I got my new fancy smart phone (yea!) my calendar commitments would be posted everywhere or umm nowhere?

So you can imagine what kind of nightmare this posed for a dependable unorganized gal like me.

Sometimes we just need time to refocus and get ourselves together. I had to redefine what’s important to me and make sure all the activities that I’m involved take me down that road.

Refocus. Renew. It’s freeing really. Because now I can say no without the guilt, and when I say yes- I really mean it!

Keeping up with this blog is hard work.

I’m not a natural writer; the thoughts in my heart don’t effortlessly transpose themselves into beautiful language that captures your attention. Sometimes my life just isn’t interesting enough to share, and sometimes life is just too busy to check in.

But it is a hobby I enjoy. So I guess I’ll keep it around for now 😉 and hopefully you will forgive my lack of consistency while I try to maintain a balance.


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