Bottoms Up. A Great Tasting Smoothie Recipe is Only a Button Away!

If you have spent any time around us at all lately you know that we have begun a love affair with smoothies. It started several months ago when we lost interest in cooking and nothing ever sounded good to either of us. Our go-to meal became Quesadillas and Smoothies. {Quesadillas} because we felt like we had to feed the kiddos something. Our friends were threatening to call CPS.

{oh, you know who you are} Winking smile 

So we have been experimenting and slowly adding new ingredients and taking out others. 


My newest creation includes: yogurt, spinach, berries, chia seed, almonds, orange juice, half an avocado, and half a banana. Now, before you turn  your nose up at the spinach and avocado I assure you- you CAN NOT taste the spinach or avocado. Pinky swear promise. I recently added the avocado for the extra fat. (not that I need any extra fat) LOL, but when I’m having the smoothie as a meal I want something that is going to help keep me full longer. I will share in a future post why we have included these particular foods as part of our smoothie.

Here are a few other foods we have used to make smoothies

Any frozen fruit

Almond milk


Cottage Cheese

Peanut butter

Protein Powder

Flax Seed/ Flax seed oil

Fish Oil (Yuck, I don’t recommend) No amount of sweetness can cover it up in my opinion.


I am working up to blending less fruit and having more vegetable base smoothies. 

I found a few smoothie recipes on Pinterest (of course) that I’m going to be trying this week. Stay tuned for the results. Or try them yourself and tell me what you think.

Basic Green Smoothie Recipe

Tropical Chia Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

For more Smoothie inspirations you can follow my Pinterest Board


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  1. Thanks for linking to our basic green smoothie recipe 🙂

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