A renewed focus

woman on computer

A few times every year I go MIA on this blog. It’s not always intentional, I usually just end up too busy to post or completely unmotivated with nothing interesting or helpful to share. Sorry, I guess I’m noncommittal. 😉 Although I wasn’t counting on taking this long of a break, I did stop posting with a little bit of intentionality. I realized that I was spending too much time online. My family was starting to notice and comment. It’s just so easy to jump on the computer for a quick minute and realize an hour later that I’m still on it and dinner is yet to be started.  I also realized that while I was on the computer I was allowing our children to watch more t.v., play more video games, and do things that I wouldn’t normally allow them to do otherwise- all for the sake of some "alone time." I don’t want to be that mom. I don’t want my children’s memories of me to always include a computer or some other electronic device. It was time for a break. I enjoyed a renewed focus and the holidays were a great time to step back.

But I have missed my blog. It’s a little piece of my life, an extension of me, a hobby, my creative outlet. I hope to return to it a few times each week. I want to catch back up with a few of you that I have missed, and share all the great recipes we have tried, and the craft projects that have kept me busy as well as give you a peak into our schooling.

I’m looking forward to what 2013 will bring with this blog and in “real life”


3 Responses

  1. We have missed you, Angela, and love to keep up with your busy family!

  2. angela, glad you are back on. i missed your updates on what you and your family were doing. i always feel like i have had a quick visit with you each time i read them.

  3. Your reflection-confession reminded me of when I first discovered the internet while we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan and the kids were 5,7 and 9. The PC could be a great distraction, but also a chance to take a break and gear up energy to carry on as a mom! It’s all about balance and it looks like you are finding it. =)

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