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Pinterest Love

It’s been a while since I have regaled you with my Pinterest experiments. Mostly because now that the school year is in full swing I have a lot less time to spend gawking over all the wonderful ideas and recipes that are pinned, and even less time to actually try them.

Here are a few things that have recently piqued my interest.

cake mix waffles

Cake Mix Waffles

Ok, I couldn’t actually make these the way the directions said. I just couldn’t bare to feed my children cake in the morning and call it breakfast. Sorry kids. BUT… I did buy a spice cake mix, and used half of it mixed with my own whole wheat, homemade waffle mix so that I can feel a little better about serving it in the morning!

spice waffles

This is how mine turned out. They are quite tasty. And as for the icing…nope. Couldn’t do it either. We topped these bad puppies with real maple syrup and bananas.

In fairness…I would totally eat up the original recipe as a dessert!

I saw these scrumptious cookies on Pinterest just the other day and I knew Steven was going to go bananas over them! I was right.

pretzel cookie

Pretzel Cookies

They are not as heavy as our usual chocolate chip cookie recipe and the added crunchiness and salt of the pretzel makes it extra good. They didn’t stick around for long.

And because life just wouldn’t be as fun without some kind of craft, I recently whipped up this little fabric flower. This was on a friend of mines blog and the moment I saw it I knew I was going to have to make it. This crafty gal has the cutest little girl who is always sporting the sweetest little hair accessories. I’m glad she shared her secret.

burlap fabric flower

Fabric Flower

Have you found anything worth sharing on Pinterest?


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