Keeping a preschooler busy

I never officially did preschool with my two oldest. In general I don ‘t think it’s necessary in a home that is filled with books. But Olivia doesn’t see it my way. She insist on doing school with us everyday, all day. To be honest- it’s exhausting. I put forth so much energy into planning for the older ones that by the time I get to her school, I just don’t have much creativity left. But when she pulls me in close with those big brown eyes and we get nose to nose so she can whisper “What can I do now, mommy?” I know I have got to come up with something.

So here is a peak into what we have been working on this week.

poem drawing

Olivia worked right along side us while we worked on our poem this week.  Here she drew a picture of a pigeon eating bread. Smile 


I found this great letter matching activity here. I love that it was a challenge for her to match the stickers with the letter on the sheet. It also took her about 20 minutes which was great!


Helping Zoe find the letters she needed for her spelling words


She joined the big kids in their investigation of our backyard habitat. (Although she quickly decided it was too hot to be outside and opted to enjoy the indoors)

letter maze

Letter Maze


Working on some fine motor skills by putting a toy car together


Although not school related ( I couldn’t resist) Olivia started dance this week and it was all she talked about the whole week. She LOVED it!

Despite the challenge of trying to keep her busy and engaged I am thankful that she has a desire to learn and wants to be a part of what we are doing.


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