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I don’t like small talk

I’m not a small talker. Sure I can ask a few questions about your family, discuss the weather and talk about what your hobbies are- but what I really want to do is skip past all that non-sense and get to know the real you. I want to invite you over for coffee and pretend that we have known each other for the past five years. I would love it if you walked into my home, kicked off your shoes, rummaged through my fridge –only to tell me I never have anything good to eat {It’s true} and eventually end up sprawled out on my couch with a cup of coffee and a magazine while we chat about all things important and nothing important at all. Both feeling comfortable to just “be”  in whatever state we happen to find ourselves that day. 

I hate that life gets so busy that I rarely have time to connect with new women that I meet- time to cultivate those intimate relationships. That I often don’t get past the small talk. I hate not having the freedom to ask you what’s really wrong? Is there something your struggling with? To join with you in celebrating life’s joys.

I want to get to know you in a non-weird way. One that doesn’t have you wondering why this woman would ask you such personal –none of her business- questions.

Meet me half way.

I’ll ask you a few impersonal questions.

You share something that’s on your heart.

And maybe I’ll find you hunting through my pantry for something good.


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  1. […] is one of those friends, one of the ones I talked about in this post. She is friendship wrapped in comfort . She also has a great sense of style and loves DIY projects. […]

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