This is what planning looks like at my house

I’m not usually a last minute person…ok that’s totally a lie.

I work best under pressure…no wait- that’s a lie too.

In full disclosure:

I have very much enjoyed every bit of my no commitments, lazy days summer. Thoughts of school and school planning have been buried deep in that part of my brain that likes to hide all the things I am trying to avoid.

But now… I can’t deny it any longer. We are starting school in just a few days and I’m frantically finishing up so that I can get the first six weeks in order so that we can have a successful beginning to our year.

I am trying out a new organizing system with my planning that has me all giddy with dreams of a smooth sailing year. (I will share more in a later post)  And I might actually use the planner that I have now bought two years in a row and didn’t touch!


The new school year is upon us! And although I will mourn the loss of summer I’m excited about another new beginning.  Quite a change from where I was at just a few short weeks ago.

I would love a couple days of nothing but quiet bliss with me, my planner, computer and my billions of books, but because I live in what I like to call reality…I have to make do with the time I get between doling out cheerios and playing Pretty Pretty Princess.  And because I only have short sprints of time here and there my house has been a mess. My brain only works in a dysfunctional organized- chaos way so all of my things have to be laid out so I can see exactly what I’m working with at all times.


Trust me. You want to call first before stopping by. Actually don’t. I could use the break and would love to chat!  Just don’t mind the mess.


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