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Home from Vacation but not quite back

We have now been home from vacation for about two weeks, but I have yet to return to real life. I’m mourning  the 85 degree temperatures that allowed us to spend our days outdoors- sun up to sun down.


DSCN1674               DSCN1738

Enjoying campfires and s’mores

campfire (2)             DSCN1626

Rides with Papa


Fresh produce from the garden



Time with family

zoekaylee       denamaks 

DSCN1638       DSCN1672

And forever friends


Visits to what we city folks call a farm

DSCN1719     DSCN1683

baby guinie     fresh eggs


Exploring frogs


Lazy afternoon naps


Uninterrupted family time. Reconnecting, enjoying the moments- away from our responsibilities…if only for a time. I’m working on returning to the day to day- reconnecting to what’s here. But it’s hard. Life is busy here. I want less of that and more of that vacation feeling.


4 Responses

  1. This whole piece was wonderful, Angela. I loved the whole week with my kids and their families here, sharing, laughing, crying, eating, sleeping and just relaxing. I know I was busy, sometimes too busy but would not change a single thing about our week together. You are right, these times come too far and in between. Love you all so much!!

  2. Wow! No wonder you love going to Iowa! I want to visit Barb and Bob too:) Pick me some tomatoes next time will ya!

  3. I wasnt named!!

  4. Dena, I will make sure to officially “call you out” next time. I did throw you in under family. 😉

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