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Giving Thanks Beyond the Mommy Meltdown


The morning started off well. I woke up, sat down with my cup of coffee and enjoyed a leisurely time with the Lord, underestimating  as I often do how much time it takes me to get all the children ready and out the door. I had waited until thirty minutes before we were due to leave, for an art day we had planned, to get the kids ready. And although my children were really excited, it wasn’t motivating enough to get them moving at my speed.  I began running around yelling like a maniacal drill Sgt. as if my lack of planning  was really my children’s fault.

The morning started to quickly lose it’s luster.

In the madness of it all I realized quickly that I  was out of baby food, had placed the last diaper on the baby and nobody could locate the paints and other supplies we were suppose to be taking with us.

We eventually did find the art supplies.

We were forced to take a detour to the “Mart” on the way to our outing. I couldn’t really go somewhere without one. single. diaper.  Seriously, where did all the diapers go?

Oh, how I dislike being late.

We pull up to the “Mart” I turn back into drill Sgt. mommy and explain our enter/exit strategy. I reach for my wallet only to find…yep. no wallet.

Pressing deep into my chair, I breath in and out. I want to cry. I want to melt right there and turn into a two year old. But I don’t. I settle on the fact that I have two choices. Go home for the wallet and miss the art day, or journey on into the unknown (the unknown being what will happen if I really needed a diaper, if you know what I mean) My children’s sad faces drove us into the unknown.

It was at that moment, driving out of the parking lot that I made the choice.

The choice to give thanks.

I began to silently give thanks in my heart, to surrender the moment and be thankful.


*Thankful that although I was out of food, I am a nursing mother- my body will provide all the nourishment my baby needs when the time comes.

*Thankful that although I didn’t have my wallet, I knew where it was.

*Thankful that although I was out of diapers It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford them.

*Thankful for forgiving children who know that my good days outweigh my bad ones.


It took just a moment, but it changed the day. It changed me.


What do you have to be thankful for today?


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  1. LOVE, in a laughing and crying kinda way!

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