Field Trip Friday: The Butterfly Exhibit

Every couple of years our Botanical Garden puts on a Butterfly Exhibit. We almost missed out this year but at the last minute I grabbed a Groupon and off we went. The last time I had been Zoe was just a few years old.

The week leading up to the field trip we had been reading books on butterflies and added a few projects on butterflies to our school days. So the kiddos were excited to see a few butterflies that they had seen in their books.


The kids loved having their own Brochures for the butterflies. They referred to them constantly. zoe field guide



Blue Morpho Butterflies were everywhere in the exhibit. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good picture of them with their wings open. when their wings are closed they have what looks like a big eye on the outside of them.  We talked about how this “eye” deters predators.

Zack was very excited that one landed on him, he kept still for a long time until it flew away.


fruitApparently the more rotten the better they like it



orange butterfly

displayWe stood looking at the display case for a long time, they loved seeing the home land of the butterflies they had just seen in the exhibit.


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