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Meeting with Jesus…In this season

Not too long ago my time with the Lord looked like this

quiet time


Throw a cup of coffee on the table and picture me sitting here with my bible in my lap, early in the morning before anyone else has awoken.

Doesn’t it make you want to curl up on the chair with that cozy blanket, sip a cup of coffee or tea and dig into the word?

These days it looks more like thisquiettime3

I use my Kindle because I can reference verses faster, I no longer have a quiet or comfortable place to sit, read and pray. And forget about rising before my children, they are now my alarm clock. At least the coffee has remained the same…{although my coffee pot has broken, so now I use a measuring cup to hold the coffee in… so instead of steaming hot coffee it’s only lukewarm…Sad smile} alas I digress.

It’s hard. I don’t like change. I miss my alone time with the Lord. I have had to adapt my expectations and realize that this is a season. I have had to meet the challenge with joy in my heart. James MacDonald says of our trials “in seasons like this, all we can do is fall into the embrace of our loving Savior and find him to be enough.”

I am thankful that this is true. I love the Jeremy Camp Song Give Me Jesus. Sometimes when all I have is a few moments, all I need is Jesus, just to dwell on who He is, to be comforted by His all consuming acceptance of this tired, can’t get it together mommy. To be reminded that yes, this is just a season and He with great compassion understands.

A friend shared this article that speaks to my heart on this very topic. It offers words of encouragement and great advice for us all. Hope you will be blessed through it as well.



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