Kindergarten Graduation

In general I don’t understand the point of kindergarten graduation. What have they really accomplished in Kindergarten that requires a whole ceremony mimicking a senior graduation? And if it is something to celebrate what makes us celebrate it more than any other grade leading up to 12th? My daughter repeated those sentiments when she asked why we are not having a 2nd grade graduation? It all seems a bit silly to me especially considering if you ask Zack what he has learned or accomplished in Kindergarten he will tell you “nothing”… as noted in a previous post. (of course I know  this isn’t  true) But I suppose if there is anything worth celebrating on my part it’s that I survived kindergarten with him. Winking smile 

Despite my own personal opinions we decided that we would participate in kindergarten graduation anyway.

If your wondering how we pulled off a kindergarten graduation- being homeschooled and all- it’s not as a friend of mine thought {he he} us standing in the living room passing a diploma to Zack while he stood in his lone cap and gown, while Steven gave the commencement speech. {ha,ha I can barely stand it}

We had a ceremony with our homeschool group, which even I had to admit was pretty cute. We had a pastor who gave a “charge” to the graduates, and then one to the parents as well. It was all very fitting. The diplomas were given and the graduates sang a song. We even had a reception to follow.

Although I don’t understand it, I’m glad we did it and we will probably do it again with the others. I mean…just look at how cute he is in his little cap and gown. I have to have something to scrapbook 😉




And just for fun… A few graduation facts found on

*An early version of the mortarboard, or cap worn by grads, was worn in the Middle Ages by clergy

*Some researchers speculate that the robes of early scholars were black in order to  disguise ink stains.

*“Pomp and Circumstance” was not originally meant for graduation; in fact, one of its earliest performances was for a coronation

*Diplomas were originally made of sheepskin.


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