Schooling At Home

Despite the last few months posing a challenge for getting through a regular school day at our house, we did manage to get some school done. We are close to finishing up for the year and I have already began planning for next years curriculum! We will probably take most of June off and then continue working with Math and Reading through July, take a few weeks off and officially start up again full force in mid August. Here are a few pictures of some of the more fun activities we have done recently. I tried making a commitment to do at least one “fun” thing a day. If I was honest I would say I failed miserably at this, but we did manage to get a few fun things in.


We did a lesson on contractions then an activity where Zoe had to do “contraction surgery”.


Zack working on rhyming with a file folder game

zoe school

Working on adjectives. She drew a picture of herself and added words that described her.


Olivia working on patterns


I made up this sight word game with our car mat. I placed sight words on different buildings and Zack had to drive his car to the sight word I called out.


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  1. […] love to use games and items that we already have to incorporate play with our words, I showed you this game at the end of last year with our car mat, Zack also loved this game that I found over at The World […]

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