In the Trenches

Miss Madelyn is almost 6 weeks old. I can’t even believe that it’s been that long. Although she has already grown so much! I have been asked often if having 4 children is harder than 3. I always answer no, but having a newborn is. We tend to forget that in between all those sweet cuddly times there is a baby who’s only way to express themselves is through loud, high pitched screams. And then of course there is the lack of sleep. Ohhhh, the lack of sleep. If only she would sleep. Do I sound desperate? I am.

Someone reminded me this past week, that we always think that whatever trials we are going through (aka, having a newborn) are going to last forever, but in the big scheme of things, they are but a tiny piece of our life story. I am working on reminding myself of this when I’m living on so little sleep and trying to comfort an inconsolable baby. It does make me appreciate the sweet quite moments with her all the more.

I use those quiet times, usually while nursing, to thank God for in-trusting me with yet another one of His children. I am often overwhelmed when I look at her, when I look at all my children, I can’tbelieve that I can be so blessed. How can we not look at our children and just thank God over and over? Although it’s hard right now, I want to enjoy this journey even down here in the trenches.


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