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Gingerbread House Making Party

We started a new holiday tradition this year with a Gingerbread house making party. There were  5 families that participated with around 12 children total. My wonderful BFF graciously agreed to host the party at her house, which I was oh, so thankful for. We had each family bring pre-made gingerbread houses and an extra bag of candy to share. There was SOOO much candy. The children and even a few moms diligently worked on their houses for about an hour. Then there were cookies to decorate, snacks to eat,  and a craft to do. I think we could have done without the cookies, because honestly after spending so much time on the houses the kids were ready to move on to something else- Including playing hide and seek (again, thank you Janette  for hosting)  Everyone had a great time and I’m looking forward to adding this to our December schedule next year. Decorating our houses is something we do every year as a family anyway, so it was fun to share that with friends and watch all the creative ways everyone came up with to decorate their houses.  

Here Zoe proudly shows off her almost finished house

Zack is very seriously working on his house

Olivia worked very hard at adding every piece of candy to her little house while adding a few to her tummy as well. We decided to use graham crackers to make her house, which turned out to be a great idea because it was just the right size for her not to get too overwhelmed and it still kept her busy for a good chunk of time.

I neglected to bring my own house to decorate so Janette allowed me to work on hers. I used frosted shredded wheat for the roof. We saw it done at a craft fair and I thought it was genius, and since none of my children were impressed enough to try it I was glad Janette let me work on hers.  This is also one of the few pictures that I have allowed to be taken of me during pregnancy. (I just hate how round my face gets when I’m pregnant)

Some of our finished gingerbread houses!


Here a few of the  kiddos were making pictures with Christmas stickers. We also had scratch off paper ornaments for them to do as well.


We closed down the party with the children watching the movie/show Elf on the Shelf. This gave us grown ups time to clean up without everyone running around. (pay no attention to the two naughty little girls breaking the rules by climbing on the furniture, or the fact that I didn’t notice it while taking the picture- tsk tsk)

A great tip for putting those pre-made gingerbread houses together is to use a glue gun. It saves so much time and you don’t have to worry about whether the icing is going to keep the pieces together.

3 Responses

  1. Looks fun and you look amazing!

  2. Ahhhh. Thanks Kellie.

  3. We had a really good time last Christmas with our gingerbread houses, too. I still bring up those photos to look at. And you do look so good, Angela!

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