Ugh! it’s still in the 90 degrees here in Texas! I can’t express my disgust enough. the weather certainly did not get the memo that fall has arrived and it’s time to usher out the summer heat. So being the rebel that I am, I decided sizzling heat or not, I was putting up my fall décor. So we drug out the box and then I changed my mind- because honestly it was just too hot to look at pumpkins and fall leaves and although the rebel in me said do it anyway , the sensible side felt too ridiculous.  So the box set in my kitchen for 2 weeks before I decided again that despite the heat the pumpkins were coming out, this time I went through with it and now we are officially fall (ified). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if overnight the temps dropped 30 degrees and instead of the heat and drought  causing all the leaves to fall off our trees, we could actually pretend that it’s due to the changing seasons. fall 11

We picked those huge lovely acorns last year and I have been waiting an entire year to use them somehow. (forgive the photography, I still can’t figure out how to take candle pictures well)


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