Schooling At Home

School has been in full swing now for a couple of weeks. We are still trying to find the routine that will work best for our family but with the addition of the workboxes to our curriculum we have enjoyed much smoother school days.

Here are a few snapshots of our schooling these past few weeks. I kept my camera handy but still didn’t manage to take too many pictures.

zoe reading

We have silent reading for about 15-20 minutes each day. Right now she is reading Henry Huggins by Beverly Clearly.

sign language

We have continued with the Sign Language Videos this year. They are so fun and catchy, all the children love them. I especially  love how it gets them moving.


I have been trying to find ways to incorporate Olivia more into our homeschooling day, mostly she just plays and colors with us, but I would like to begin an actual preschool curriculum with her… hopefully once I get down our schedule with the older two I will be able to work more things in with her.


Listening to books on tape is how Zack does his silent reading time for the time being. Even though he had several to choose from, He listened to this one A Bargain for Frances, about a half a dozen times throughout the week.


We have been more consistent with our calendar time this year, even including Olivia in on it with a few things.


Zoe was doing a quick science experiment making crystals with daddy.


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