Homeschool Review

We are just beginning to think about wrapping up our school year here. We probably won’t completely lay school aside for the summer, I am considering a year round school year calendar.It is just so hot here in the summer that we actually spend more time indoors in the summer than the rest of year… except when there is water involved of course!

Here are some of the things we have been doing to keep busy these past few months.

Butterflies!!! We grew caterpillars and anxiously waited for them to hatch into butterflies. On this particular day one of the chrysalis’ had hatched and we thought we were going to get to see another one. The children stared at the net for over half an hour. The chrysalis just kept shaking, but much to the dissapointment of all of us, it was another two days before it hatched and we missed it!


Park Days! Our homeschool association had an academic fair in March which Zoe participated in. We worked on this project for a  month, but of course we spent the last week rushing to get it all done in time. Grandma made the perfect costume to go with it.

We finished up soccer a couple of weeks ago. We try to keep the kiddos moving throughout the year.

A Field trip to the Pizza Ranch. The Texas Agriculture Department puts on this field trip to teach children from start to finish where their pizza comes from. The children moved through different stations. There were live animals and real gardens. They ended the presentation with everyone getting free pizza!   The first picture is unrelated to pizza??? But this guy was there to explain the problems and solutions for dealing with erosion I was very proud of our homeschoolers, they answered some pretty tough questions.

I haven’t been great at taking “school” pictures but we are also busy learning about the Colonials and have some fun projects coming up including making butter and learning to weave.


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