Dream Check

I was browsing through movies on Netflix, trying to find a few good ones {appropriate ones} and cross referencing them with plugged in when I came across this article by Phil Vischer,  you may know him as the creator of Veggie Tales. For some reason the article caught my interest and I delved into it. It wasn’t long before I realized that it was more than happenstance that I wondered upon the article.

           I am a bit of a dreamer, a schemer,  a planner. I have big ideas about the direction of our lives. Mostly these are private dreams, ones only a select few are privy to. Some are just pipe dreams and some are dreams I am believing God for. I’m very protective of these dreams, holding on to them at all costs. Their MINE, sometimes so exclusively that the dream itself becomes lonely. When one is taken from me,  I’m secretly devestated for a time, I’m humbled. “Why?” I cry out to God.

Today God answered  through simple words, words from a humbled man.

      When asked if it was odd only being a consultant to something he gave birth to, Phil responded with “It’s actually a wonderful thing for a Christian to go through because it’s so humbling. Any pretense you had about your own ability to do great things under your own power [is gone], and you realize at the end of the day it starts and ends with God. I’ll do this as long as God wants me to with whatever resources He gives me to do it. It’s not how big it gets. It’s not about the outcome. It’s not about the numbers. It’s about obedience. Am I doing what He called me to do today? I remember asking God, “Why did you let this happen?” And He showed me that I had made it all about me. My ministry was all about me.”

Phil goes on to discuss how he was trying to be somebody God did not create him to be. ” I was miserable, killing myself trying to be the next Walt Disney when He never called me to do that in the first place. He called me to be Phil. And, we don’t have the patience to say, “Okay, God, show me who Phil is.”

Oh, how I long to want to be just who I was created to be. I don’t want my life to be just about me. Possibly stomping on the dreams of others while trying to reach my own. My new prayer in place of (Lord, give me the desires of my heart) is Lord, “show me who you called me to be, and give me the grace to be that person” If being a wife and mother is the only calling God has placed on my life I will gladly and willingly accept it because  it will still be more than I deserve. If God so chooses to bless me with one of my many dreams then all the glory will be His.

God speaks in many ways.


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