A school day snapshot

We have been keeping busy here with school. Despite all the snow and ice, school keeps on!  One of homeschoolings greatest perks is that even when public school is canceled we can keep going without interruption. Not to say we haven’t taken advantage of a few of the cold snowy days by being a little  lazy- because we have!!!

Bible Time. We usually do this first thing in the morning while the children are eating breakfast. This day Zoe wanted to read it to us and ask us the questions.

We officially start the school day with Calendar time. I posted about the board we use here.

We have been working on learning all the continents. They can name them all, but they are still working on locating them. I try to do different things every day with maps and globes, here they are using our talking globe! I LOVE this globe.

Zack is finishing up his Handwriting without Tears workbook

Here Zoe is working on her spelling. We use the All About Spelling Program, which we love. The side of this filing cabinet is a great surface to use for this.

Working on a file folder game. I am working on having more fun things for her do during school time.

I have been focusing more on writing lately. Here we were trying to come up with “what if” story ideas, after reading the book If You Were a Writer.

Zoe working on her story. She chose to write about having a talking dog.

We continued on with math, but I must have gotten distracted 🙂


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