The Dinner Party

 I received new dishes for Christmas and my birthday that I just LOVE! And since we have been eating plastic-ware or an accumulation of many different dishes (by choice I have to add) for several years, having these beautiful dishes just lends itself to a dinner party. I can’t take credit for the idea, Zoe really planned it all. She wanted to dress up as well, but we ran out of time trying to get everything set up before Daddy got home from work. I loved her heart behind it. Why not? Why not have a beautiful dinner with candlelight?  Why not surprise Daddy with a special evening? Why don’t we do it more often?

Dinner at our house is usually a challenging experience. We haven’t quite perfected the NO WHINE zone. It’s inevitable that one or more of our children will protest the dinner set before them. We have a policy of eat or go hungry, and that almost always lends itself to whining, crying, or arguing. Olivia the youngest usually just leaves the table, so we then have to spend the next 10 minutes trying to get her to stay put despite her not eating. {sigh}

BUT… this night, there were no protests, no arguments over the menu, and most importantly NO WHINING. We just enjoyed the time together. If that’s  not worth another dinner  party, I don’t know what is.


2 Responses

  1. What a wonderful idea! No paper plates in sight!

  2. Well done, Zoe and family!

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