Bible in 90 days update

To the Glory of God I managed to get my bible reading done every day this week… that is except for today. But hey! I think that’s pretty good. I will catch back up the next few days. I am loving starting  back at the beginning of the bible and re-reading all those stories that I haven’t read in a while. A few things have popped up in my reading that I thought I would share.

First: It’s been so long since I have read Genesis and Exodus, that I have let my mind be polluted by the children’s movies that re-tell some of the same stories. It’s really amazing how much is elaborated and stretched from the original story. I found this to be true over and over again as I read these popular stories. I’m especially thinking of the Prince of Egypt, but so many others have done the same, for the sake of keeping our interest. I’m not saying this is entirely a bad thing, it was just nice to be reminded of the simple but just as intriguing stories of the Old Testament.

Second: How about that Sarai/Sara? Wow! she must have been one hot momma! Twice she was taken by a king into his harem because of her beauty. TWICE! ok, so the fact that it was twice isn’t such a big deal, but the fact that the first time it happened she was about 65 and the second time almost 90! Now that is a big deal. Of course I’m taking into account that they must not have aged like we do now, but still…

Third: I need to spend more time holding my leaders up in prayer, and also be thankful for the hands that hold me up. I was reminded of this in the story of the Israelites defeating the Amalekites. If you don’t know that story, it’s a good one.  Read a bit of it here.


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