Enjoying the rest

Lots have thoughts have run through my mind this past week that I wanted to share here, along with projects, recipes, school stuff  and life mentions, but life got a hold of me as well as being sick with step throat. Strep affects people differently but when I get it, it puts me in bed for a few days, and it takes me what seems like forever to recover from it. And just when I start feeling better, poor Zoe gets it. So here we go again. The nice thing about being sick is that life slows down. We are forced to rest. This provides time to read, chat with each other, watch movies and catch up on any shows we have missed and wanted to see. I have even caught myself watching random t.v. documentaries on Netflix. I can’t remember a time when I have been able to do that. So although being sick stinks. I can’t say it’s been awful 🙂


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