No rest for the weary

For some reason all of our children have found reasons to be up throughout the night for the past week. I knew I was losing it when a couple of days ago we were woken up by Olivia our 2-year-old, and I could have sworn she was speaking Chinese. I laid  there and thought, why does our baby sound Chinese? And when I glanced at the clock to see what ungodly hour I was being forced to be awake at, I couldn’t figure out the time because the numbers had all turned to words. Yes of course, I recognize that I was probably stuck in a semi-dream state, but I know that lack of sleep was the instigator.  

Trying to add sanity back into our lives we made the rule that no one was to leave their beds unless there was an emergency. Of course our clever children found this rule to be to their benefit. So instead of standing at our bedside pleading to be allowed in, all they had to do now was sit up in their  bed and cry until one of us shows up, that would of course mean that I would have to get out of bed. I much preferred the other way of interrupted sleep, it was definitely more convenient.

 I’m hoping this passes soon, or I just might not make it.


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