Movie Review Monday


If you didn’t catch my first post on Movie Review Monday you can read it here.

I Am David

The first film up for my review is I Am David. I watched this movie with my 6 year old daughter. Although I can’t say that I loved it, I think it was a film worth watching. The story is about a boy who is ripped out of a loving home and placed into a forced labor camp. We don’t find out why until the end towards the end of the movie. David escapes the camp with the help of a friend, who is elusive to the movie watcher until the end as well. The majority of the story is about David’s journey from this prison camp in Bulgaria to Denmark. You travel along with him cheering him along in his small victories and worrying for him when he faces obstacles that could jeopardize his freedom. I won’t spoil the ending but it ends well.

Although I’m sure this movie wasn’t intended for audiences as young as my daughter, it allowed for great conversation about human suffering and evil in this world, as well as how to overcome it. It also brought up a discussion on trust, since throughout the movie David grapples with his distrust of people, even good people.

I would rate this movie an A- for a good, family film, but a C + for its entertainment value. It was slow-moving and a little dark at times.

This movie is rated PG

If you want a more comprehensive and professional review you can read one on the plugged in site.


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