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Movie Review Monday


I love a good movie… who doesn’t?  With so many movies out there, it is  hard to find one that is enjoyable without watching it and leaving the movie feeling morally bankrupt. After having many discussions lately about a particular movie that I and several of my friends watched and found to be quite hilarious, although not entirely appropriate, I have made an effort to “clean up” my entertainment choices. It’s always interesting to have discussions with other christians about certain movies. Unless the movie is clearly a christian movie or has a christian theme the conversation can be awkward. Often neither party knows exactly the views the other person holds on their convictions or lack there of towards movies and therefore it’s inevitable that one or the other will likely be embarrassed or feel judged if the conversation turns toward a movie that is on the “questionable” list of movies christians should watch.

So silly. I think that movie watching is like anything else. The Lord places certain convictions on each persons heart that he only holds that person accountable for. HOWEVER, I do think that we are supposed to be reflections of Christ, and that we should be filling our minds with things that are;  true, noble, right,  pure,  lovely, and admirable Philippians 4:7-9

This really hit me after the continued debate over one movie. Recently one of our pastors preached a sermon that talked about how we often laugh about and find funny some of the things that God detests most. Wow, now that’s something to think about. I want to have a heart like God’s. So although I’m not perfect and I’m sure I will still make imperfect choices, I am going to work on being better about the movie choices I make.

My plan is to share with you each Monday my movie review of a great (or maybe not so great) family movie I recently watched. Stay tuned!


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