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It always takes some kind of sorrow or tragedy to bring me into reflection. I know I’m not alone in this. Recently My father-in-law went in to the hospital for a routine elective surgery and due to some complications, hasn’t left the hospital, nor has he been  responsive for the past week. We have been praying faithfully for his recovery. It has been an exhausting week for us as we have waited on edge for news on his condition and worried about the update each day, as well as struggled over whether we should be there or not, although even saying that sounds selfish in light of what my mother in law is going through. It has all been a tough reminder that we are not the ones in control of our lives. God is. We need to remember that we are not promised tomorrow, we are but a breath here on earth. Thinking of my father in law laying in his hospital bed, brings home the fact that life is fragile. We have been encouraged by little signs of life he is giving a cough, slight movements, even a gag reflex. We celebrate those seemingly ridiculous accomplishements {in a healthy world}. Yesterday I was pondering that thought, and it occured to me -God is so good to us, everyday. Each day is a gift… A GIFT!  What if we celebrated each day as such. It might not be a cough we are celebrating but it could be a new friend, a job, hearing your baby laugh, a rainstorm, etc. The point is we celebrate it. Maybe not in a hokey let’s throw a party kind of way- but in a let’s stop and reflect on God’s goodness to us -kind of way.


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