Grace Me

“Mommy, I want you to grace me again” Zoe said, peeking her head into our bedroom door after we had already put her to bed for the night. “What Zoe? I said, Why are you up?” “I want  you to grace me again” I don’t know what you mean, what are  you talking about?  Just like last night she said. Steven and I looked at each other and we laughed. What she was referring to was when we put her to bed last night we told her that when Zack and Olivia went to sleep as long as she didn’t play we would allow her to come snuggle with us. But in fact she did play and they didn’t fall asleep until almost 10:00. So we didn’t let her come with us. She cried and eventually we gave in saying “Ok Zoe, we are going to show you a some grace tonight, although you don’t deserve it, but that’s what grace is about.” Apparently she thought she could use her “grace” whenever she wanted 🙂


One Response

  1. Ahhhh, that is the sweetest! She is such a loving little girl!

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