Spring cleaning?

I know we aren’t even close to spring yet, but there is something about the time after Christmas that gets me in the cleaning mood.  It probably has something to do with the taking down of all the Christmas stuff and trying to get things back to normal, or trying to find a place for all the new Christmas toys that we were blessed with. I started the big clean up/out today and so far I have cleaned out the living room, and one bedroom. I am not a clean freak but I LOVE an immaculate room. I feel like I can rest when everything is just as it should be. That almost never happens so I have to relish it when it does. On a side note, as I was frantically cleaning today I broke or split about 6 nails, not that I really had great nails to begin with, but as I stood gazing at my sad little hands I decided that those that have beautiful manicured hands must also have a housekeeper, either that or they don’t do any house work. Of course this is probably not always true, but it makes me feel better anyway.


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  1. I loved cleaning up after putting up Christmas too. Moved some furniture around so I wouldn’t stare at any empty spaces and try to tell myself I had to fill it up. Everything feels good!

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