Miss Money Bags

One of my sweet Zoe’s favorite things to do is to put things in envelopes for each of us and leave it under our pillow for us to find the next morning. Usually they have candy, stickers or some other kind of treat that she found. She stepped it up a little last night because when we went to bed we found our envelopes under our pillows and in my envelope she placed two pieces of chocolate, a bracelet and a $20.00 bill. Steven also had $20.00 as well as other things, Steven and I cracked up at this as well as wondered how she located our grocery money,  and when Zack woke up this morning his envelope contained a fruit snack and another $20.00 bill.  Steven then had to tell her she couldn’t give our money away, she asked why so he had to explain that if she gave our money away… we don’t eat!


3 Responses

  1. make sure Zoe knows Aunt Dena’s address if she is putting 20 dollar bills in envelopes!!
    what a sweetie!

  2. Oh Zoe! What a sweet and wonderful child she is! I can imagine she was crushed when she was told she couldn’t give away what she had “found”. This is so sweet!

  3. I just love this story! How sweet and thoughtful she is. I should have spent the night over there! ha!

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