Just not sure

We don’t watch a lot of television at our house- we mostly try to catch the news in the evening but if we get distracted or tired it just might not happen. So when the “girls” were discussing the upcoming presidential address to school students, last week at Starbucks, it was all news to me.  I was frantically trying to sort it all out in my mind and decide what my opinion was going to be on the subject, but at the time it really just seemed like a big fuss was being made out of nothing. I mean he is the President, I doubt he is going to say anything that would truly offend or usurp our parental authority. But as I sat there and listened and then as I read more about it, although I still haven’t formed my complete opinion, my thoughts are; Why can’t the President say what he wants to say to our children on Prime Time Television? Why would he chose a time when most parents would be at work? Also why has this all suddenly become about serving Obama? What happen to serving our country? Doesn’t our President serve us? The promo for this, comprised of celebrities is the most disturbing, If I find it to post I will. I don’t know if I necessarily agree that he is trying to indoctrinate our children with liberal mumbo jumbo, but it does have a seemingly Orwellian overtone.

I’ll have to actually watch it to decide what I really think.


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