First Day (take two)

We officially started schooling again on Monday, I’m not going to lie- I had a break down. I seriously thought… What am I doing???? Did I make a mistake? I woke up crying about it and pretty much cried most of the day. I had to reach out to a few dear friends who also homeschool for some encouragement. They came through amazingly.  My tears mostly derived from the thought that I might be cheating my children out of so many opportunities- Zoe will never have the opportunity to have “the  first day of kindergarten” again. It took some gentle reminders from my dear friends of why exactly I chose homeschooling and by Tuesday, I was over it. Today was a great day! I love being there to see Zoe’s excitement over all the new things she is learning, and I LOVE planning what I’m going to teach her.  When I was a teacher planning was always my favorite thing, and now I get to do it for the ones I love most.  Here are some pics from the week so far. The other little girl is Ella, I babysit her and her sister 3 days a week.  I pretty much just let her and Zack  do whatever we do, on their level.  I’m working on actual preschool lessons for them. But for now what we do is working.  


First Day breakfast

DSCN6687  Letter M

DSCN6690 We read a book about whales, Zoe is putting together a whale puzzle

DSCN6704 We practiced writing our letters in cornmeal


One Response

  1. Homeschool or traditional school… this IS her “first day” and I know it was great! It doesn’t matter what you have chosen, but that you have chosen what God has laid on your heart (I know you know this, but isn’t it nice to know that moms who are NOT homeschooling can believe this too??)

    Besides, I need to see her “first day” scrapbook page one day!! So, good thing you posted pics or you’d be in trouble 🙂

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