A Healthier us

My mother thinks I should be Amish. I tend to agree usually. I really think I would enjoy that kind of lifestyle- with the exception of no running water. I’m not sure I would last long without my hot showers and flushing toilets.  Life just seems simpler and more peaceful, at least as an outsider.  But in any case I digress.

I recently took a Healthy living class at our church, which opened my eyes to so many unhealthy habits we partake in.  And it has given me great motivation to make some changes. Some of the changes we have made have been small, like taking the sugar out of some of the foods we regularly eat such as yogurt and jam. Not just buying the sugar free kind, but actually buying the kind that only has natural sugars like fruit. I really couldn’t believe how much sugar was in yogurt and jam!  The big change we made was with bread. I will defiantly post more on this in the future with actual facts but the information I learned was enough to motivate me to start making my own bread especially since we seem to eat so much of it here. Ok, let me explain. I don’t just make my own bread now, I actually grind my own wheat! Then make my own bread. I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of this process


Start with the Wheat grains

DSCN6049 Place in Grinder. This was a real investment for us.  I love it!


It Grinds the Wheat into Flour, Which I then add other ingredients to, then place in my bread machine to Knead and let rise. I don’t like the way the bread turns out if I cook it the entire time in the bread machine. So I usually transfer it to a pan to bake.


I am still perfecting the bread recipe. Sometimes it turns out great and other times ummmm, well… Steven will still eat it 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Wow- good for you. I too have been trying to make healthier changes- it’s hard. When you start paying attention to labels it can be discouraging. Why do they put high frutcose corn syrup in everything?! I made the jam change – I will have to check on my yogurt I’m using. I try to just do fruit and veggies for snacks. But needless to say I still have sweets and snacks here. Also still using white flour and sugar- trying to use wheat flour more. I look forward to some of your tips.

  2. Bring some up in June, looks really good!

  3. Where are the weevils? Huh! Hey, this is an awesome loaf of bread, Angela. You are really getting the techique down.

  4. Ok, where do you get the wheat grain? I have a grinder I inherited. That bread looks amazing!!!

  5. […] stangtx I get teased a lot about our whole grain baking, especially that when they hear that we mill our own grain into flour.  It is a little strange in our instant society that we would take the time to do this but the […]

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