Another ones’s trash…. My treasure!!!

I haven’t been yard selling in years, outside of a couple here and there in my neighborhood, but today a friend invited me to go with her after Zoe’s soccer game. I scored BIG! I’m so excited I had to share my finds.


A great Art Easel ( I really didn’t need another one, but it was $2.00 and I’m pretty sure I can sell it for at least $15.00


A Rolodex  .25


A great talking Globe,  $5.00 I’m told these are not very cheap.  The kids already love it.


About 50 scrapbooking magazines, that we are going to share among friends. for FREE. The lady just didn’t want to mess with them anymore.


My second best find for the Day. Soccer Cleats. These alone we’re worth what I spent the whole day.  .50 I also got Zoe a shirt for .50 and Zack one for .75


Garden flying bird thingy. It was just too cute. I love garden art. It will look great when the sunflowers grow up around it.  $1.00


Flower Pot. I can’t wait to put something in it!  $1.00



It’s a roll top secretaries desk. I love it! And the best part of all… It was FREE.  some crazy “very giving” person just didn’t want it anymore, and they didn’t want to try and sell it. I’m going to put my scrap book stuff in it.

So my big day cost me a whoppin $11.00. This really could get addictive. Now I just have to sell my own junk, to make room for this habbit.  🙂


4 Responses

  1. Wpw! What great bargains you found. I am not a garage sale person either but when Dena drags me along, I can usually find some cool stuff! Good job!

  2. congrats! good luck finding paper for the art easel, that is same one I have for Kaylee and I can not find any paper to fit it. If you find some, let me know!

  3. That is amazing! I am going with you next time. I love a good find!

  4. The desk looks great cleaned up!!!

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