Update Part 2

I am on a decorating kick. Actually it’s not really me but more of a friend who really enjoys decorating. So we are working on the living room, the kitchen, and two hallways. Since we are obviously on a very limited budget we have mostly done rearranging and have only bought a few things. I have been sick these past few days but I had planned on painting a wall in the kitchen… maybe next week.  What has actually been really great is having someone convince me that no, I really don’t need all this stuff  just hanging around. So I have done some decluttering as well. I wish I would have taken some before pictures, but I’ll have to post the after ones.

Our website really is what takes up most of my computer time now. We have had a lot of fun with it, and it has really taught me so many things about meal planning and budgeting more efficiently. It has really been super fun when we come across people who really love it and use it. I am still working on balancing my time with it though.

Steven has officially changed jobs now. Still with the same company, but now he’s back in our city. So gas is much better. I hated him commuting. But it has been a little sad for him and I hate that he had to leave a secure comfortable job and friends. Pray for his transition.

ok for now.


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