Just a quick update part 1

Ok, for the two people who haven’t given up reading this blog,  I thought I would give a quick update to what life has been like here at our house.

Basically life is good! I don’t have anything to complain about. I have felt very blessed these past few months. I love that song Blessed be his name (I’m not really sure if that’s the title or just the words) but over this past year the lyrics have really stuck with me. It’s been a very hard year, but God has continued to draw us closer to him. There was a moment about 6 months ago when as I was singing the song I came upon the lyric … “Blessed be His name, though there’s pain in the offering” and although I had sung this song dozens of times that verse really hit me hard. Instantly I had tears in my eyes because I realized that yes, times are hard, I am emotionally spent but God understands and he loves it when I can praise Him anyway. It was a sweet moment of crawling up into my Lord’s lap and telling Him I love Him, but I can’t go on like this any more.  Of course for any of us that know the Lord, we know that those are the words he waits and longs to hear from us. Because it is only in our weaknesses that he can be made strong. And because he is a faithful God I can stand on this side of the storm and say once again, life is good. Our pastor always says, “there are two kinds of people, ones coming out of a storm and ones going into it” One of my resolutions is to prepare for the next one by keeping close to the “vine.”


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