Car troubles… or not

There are few things that strike fear or worry in me. One of them is going to the car shop. The air is out in our van, and with this ridiculous, and I mean ridiculous Texas heat there is just no way to live without the air. Even just driving a few miles with the windows down we have sweat pouring down our face -not pretty! So anyway with fear and trepidation I took the van in to get checked out.  As I was driving there (once again with sweat dripping down my face) I thought, why am I so worried? Hasn’t God always provided for us in every situation? Haven’t we always been taken care of? God has been faithful through every trying circumstance that we have encountered since we chose for me to stay at home. (I thought about sharing some of the amazing ways God has worked in our lives, but that would make for a long post.) So I let go of the fear as I handed my keys over and decided that I would just let God handle it.  And at least this time, the news wasn’t as bad as we were expecting.

As a side note I want to add  that as I was sitting there I thought about the striking parallels between going to get your car checked out and going to the doctor-especially if your going for test results or waiting to hear about the outcome of a procedure.  They call you one by one up to the counter and everyone walks up with a tad bit of anxiety hoping for good news, or hoping it’s not as bad as they thought. I found this quite comical as I sat there and people watched each person walking up to the counter and getting the “news” I could easily in my mind replace the setting with a doctor’s office or hospital. Can’t you see it?


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