A sigh of relief

It’s done, it’s over I’m finally free !!!! Today I finished my grad class for the summer. It has been an exhausting three weeks, the first two being pregnant and missing nap time, then the last week having a baby, lugging her to class AND MISSING NAP TIME! But it’s over, and now I can just enjoy our family, TAKE A NAP and clean my house which looks like a tornado has hit it. Even Steven agreed that yes, our house is a mess. And that’s saying a lot. Part of the storm in my house is that I’m in that between stage of clothes and since I only have one closet and I haven’t had time to switch my clothes out completely – clothes are everywhere. Plus since I haven’t had time to do laundry -well I have had time to wash and dry just not fold and put away.  But now I’m free to get it all done.  How quickly I’ve moved from the expression “I’m a slave to houswork” to being free to do it. – How funny!


One Response

  1. Angela, I know what you mean about the clothes thing. When I was just starting to wear maternity clothes my room was a wipe out until I got organized! Well now you’ll have some time or should I say more time then when you were taking a class! She is a beautiful baby.

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