The verdict is in

Unless this baby comes sooner, the plan is to be induced next Friday- the 20th.  I will be inducing merely out of convenience, which I’m not really comfortable with- but given that I have taken on the ridiculous task of this summer class I had to make the decision that I felt would work best. It’s all a complicated mess but basically I had to take the class this summer to ensure that I am able to stay  in the program in the Fall, I have to stay in the program because I am using the university insurance. And of course I needed the insurance to pay for the baby. Not to mention the class is paid for through a grant and I get a nice stipend at the end. But even to me the whole idea sounds ridiculous, I am going to have the baby on Friday and be back in class on Monday. Thankfully it’s only for 4 hours a day and I am going to try to tote the baby along for that last week. I’m excited about the baby finally being here, but I hate the circumstances. I’m just going to be living on prayer that last week of class.


3 Responses

  1. WOW!! Well, Jake was an induction, and Emma was the planned C-sec so it’s not toooo bad either way.

    Can’t wait to meet the 3rd baby Taylor- WHERE are you having him/her??

  2. Hi – you don’t know me and I don’t know what the etiquette is for leaving comments on strangers’ blogs – but I have been lurking for a week or two and just wanted to say I hope all goes well on Friday (if not before!)… PTL that everything is in His hands..

  3. Thanks, Lurk all you want 🙂 And feel free to leave a message any time.

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