Little Blessing

I love listening to our children pray. Every night for dinner our prayers start out the same way. Steven will start to pray and Zoe will pipe up really fast saying “I KNOW, why don’t daddy pray then mommy pray, then Zacky pray, then I’ll pray” She says this every single night. We love hearing their prayers they are almost the same every night. Zoe’s prayers always start out with “Thank you God for all your love and watchful care from up above”… Then she continues with everything else she is thankful for. Steven and I have a hard time not watching Zack and laughing because he squeezes his eyes closed really tight, folds his hands and really quietly says “Tank you God, Bless bodies, AMEN- Your turn Doe.”

I had to finally get a picture the other night -somewhat discretely. I would love to get it on video. These moments are so sweet.



One Response

  1. That is so precious. I love it when Lucy prays. Every night she says thank you for Jesus. I wish it stayed so heavenly minded- next in line is Cinderella!

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