The pacifier Saga continued…

The good news is that it’s officially been 5 days since Zack has had a pacifier. It started Friday night when we went camping. We were up late and he had been running around all day so he conked out pretty quickly without asking for it. Steven gave in the next day at nap time but we held firm the rest of the nights. For some reason Zack has come up with the idea that a mouse has taken his pacie. This works for us so we just go with it. Sadly he still asks for it everyday and especially seems to want it during nap time, we tell him it ‘s gone and he says “the mouse took it? ” (In this sad little voice). We usually just say do you think the mouse took it he says yes and then drops it.  So for now I think we are well on our way to  pacie free days.


3 Responses

  1. That is funny that he thinks a mouse took it! Paci free is a good thing though!

  2. Yea!


  3. I dont know what is sadder, poor Zacky thinking a mouse stole his paci or that you have a mouse in the house! 🙂

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