Roughin’ It

Friday night we packed up and left town for the wilderness. The wilderness being Cleburne state park which is about 45 minutes south west of us. We don’t do much camping- meaning as a family this was our first. But we had a great time. We ventured out with several other families from our Sunday School class most of which have children the same age as ours so there was enough fun to be had by all. We only planned the trip for a night but when all was said and done and packed we realized that one night might not be worth the trip so next time we will definitely plan for at least the weekend.  There was a great park for the children and we all brought out things to keep them busy although they really just enjoyed finding sticks and running around. When the sun went down -because we’re mostly city and not much country- one of the couples brought out a movie projector and all the children sat eating smores and watched The Bee Movie. This turned out to be such a great idea because it would have been hard to keep up with all the kiddos running around in the dark. Our only mishap was not taking into account the cool nights and mornings. We didn’t think about bringing warm clothes except for pj’s. Oh and one other little mishap… once again because we are city folk we underestimated the cunningness of the raccoons that inhabit the “wild” so we woke the next morning to find that our cooler had been ram-sacked and all of our food including apple juice boxes had been eaten.  Luckily we have such great friends that were willing to share.

We have already planned our next trip into the wild, but next time we’ll be a little wiser, and because we will be one Taylor more we are going to have to upgrade our little pup tent. There is no way we will fit five in the one we have.



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  1. Time to buy that camper!!

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