Another good day


I did some shopping at Kroger tonight and found a lot of great deals. Before coupons my total was $64 something and after coupons it was $20.34.  I still haven’t been able to zero out again but I’m working on it. They were out of several of the items I was going for so hopefully I’ll be able to grab those sometime next week. I stumbled upon the the toilet paper and ended up getting that for .25 cents a piece. The mustard was free,as well as the dog food and the chili. I spent a dollar a piece on the juice- which I don’t normally buy at all, but I thought it was worth the treat. 

I might get around to actually doing a break down of the items, but for the most part I didn’t spend more than .40-.55 cents on an item except for a few things we needed.

My goal is still to try to get a stock pile of things,besides produce,that we use or could use so that our over all grocery bill will soon only consist of produce and basically diapers. That way I will only have to shop sales to replenish our stockpile.


4 Responses

  1. Okay you continue to amaze me! Where do you get the coupons? At the store, from a paper or online?

  2. You are still a big show off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I did my shopping today. I spent 5.62 and that was with a newspaper, pasta, crescent rolls, biscuits, 2 pizza doughs, mustard, toilet paper, muffin mix, pretzels, dish soap, cinnamon rolls,instant potatoes, and one other thing that I can’t remember. Yea! I was so excited. I think I could have done even better but they were still out of some things. The coupons in the paper this week were not that great this week.

  4. You need to come and see what Grandma has to say if you are interested in saving money and/or pinching pennies. 100’s of ideas on over 80 pages.

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