Happy Spring

zoezack3.jpgIt’s been about a week, since I have been near my computer to blog or even check e-mail. It’s been kind of nice to take a break, sometimes I get so caught up in reading and checking things out online that I can tend to neglect household duties. I am trying to make it a goal to not be online while the children are up, or be online when I know there are other things that I should be doing-which is why I haven’t made it to the computer in almost a week. Not to mention that the computer is upstairs, and these days sometimes it’s just not worth the walk 🙂

We had a nice Easter here at home celebrating with family and friends, but it’s always a struggle around holidays to keep the meaning about Jesus. Especially when it’s so commercialized. We don’t do the easter bunny here- for the same reason we don’t do Santa Clause, but we still did baskets and an egg hunt. Next year we’re thinking about borrowing an idea that I read off of another blog and not doing anything secular related on Easter, but having a big Spring celebration on the first day of Spring, where we do the eggs and baskets.


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  1. Happy Spring to you, too. Zoe and Zack are so adorable.

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