Kitchen Tip Tuesday


Today I thought I would join Tammy’s Recipies today in thier kitchen tips.

Recently a group of us gals from church has started bulk cooking together.  We have met twice now, the first time several people shopped for groceries and we all met up at our church and used the kitchen to put together 8 different meals. This time we decided that several of us would shop for groceries and we would meet up to exchange ingredients to then take back to our own houses and make up 15 of the same dish. We will meet up again at the end of the week to exchange meals. This has been really great to have a homemade frozen meal ready to throw in the oven on days when I am running short on time, or I need to make a grocery run for something I forgot. And with so many of us working on the dishes it takes less time than having to do it myself.


2 Responses

  1. hi,
    I found your blog through tammys times.I really enjoyed reading it.I`m going to put a link on my blog to yours,so others can come by too!Lokking forward to reading more in the future!~~~~Toni

  2. Thanks, I’ll come by and check yours out too.

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