One of those days

It really has been one of those days that they write sad country songs about.  I’m not sure what started it that way, but I imagine it was probably when both of my children decided that they wanted to be awake at 5 this morning. After that it pretty much went downhill. Zack decided that today was the day he wanted to set the record for the longest toddler tantrum, when he didn’t succeed the first two times he tried for a marathon third, which resulted in me ignoring him for the first 20 minutes, then a spanking, a timeout, I threw in a yell or two only to start the cycle over. I found out I’m not really one of those mom’s that handles tantrums well. I pretty much just threw all knowledge of child training out the window and succumbed to frustration which never results in anything productive. Those things, along with a few other disruptions in MY plans led me to a great time before the Lord, where I was reminded that once again I let my circumstances determine my joy. And for sure, today was a joyless day. Not that anybody can find joy in a marathon tantrum but it was the many moments of the day that didn’t go as I had planned where I made the choice to be angry and frustrated, instead of realizing that God was still in control even in those moments. I am determined that tomorrow I will wake and be reminded that THIS Day, THIS very day is the day the LORD HAS MADE and I will choose to rejoice in it.

You’ll remind me of that tomorrow right? 🙂


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  1. Good word! I needed that already this am and it’s only 7;40!!

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