Oprah again ?

Ever since writing my post on Oprah teaching False religion, I have received so many comments and a ton of visits to that particular post, and funny enough several people have even hijacked my words and placed them on their own sites as their own. As I said in my post I have always understood the power this woman has over the general public, but until now I didn’t understand the extent of the obsession so many people have with her. Most everybody that responded to me has held to my point of view, but sadly many of them hold to their own false doctrines filled with hatred. I don’t hate Oprah in fact I find her very likable, She was created in Christ’s Image, same as me. She is lost and mislead. And really that’s all I have to say about the woman.  I wrote that post because I believe she has lead so many people astray and I wanted to bring that to light. I will not post comments that lend themselves to slander or hatred toward anyone.


2 Responses

  1. It’s pretty disturbing. Especially when you see all of the misty eyed women sitting in her audiance nodding their heads to everything she says.

  2. Angela- Thought you might be interested in this post Doug Wolter had- http://life2gether.wordpress.com/2008/02/26/a-new-earth/#comment-1334

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